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About Potomac Debate Academy

At the core of competitive debate lies discourse and education. Through debate, students are encouraged to broaden their understanding of the world, including their comprehension of today's most prevalent issues. From discussions on electoral college to those on minimum wage, every student can learn something through debate. The activity empowers students to not only explore important controversies, but also to find their own voice through advocacy.
It comes as no surprise that research shows debate promotes critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, innovative thinking, and interpersonal communication. On average, debaters achieve higher GPAs, higher standardized test scores, better college admissions outcomes, among countless other advantages. Perhaps most importantly, debaters become more informed citizens, increasing civic engagement and leadership.
Bottom line: debate transforms lives.

Our Philosophy

At Potomac Debate Academy, we believe every students has a unique voice and the potential to become an effective communicator. Debate has the power to help students improve their self esteem, as well as hone their reading, writing, research, public speaking and logical reasoning skills in a fun and interactive way.  
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Our History

Potomac Debate Academy opened in 2014 with the mission of helping students find their voice through debate and public speaking. Since then, the program has grown immensely and now has hundreds of students in grades 4-12 all across the country participating in debate.

About Our Teams

Potomac Debate Academy is a competitive travel debate team for students in grades 4 through 12. Students on Potomac Debate Academy teams generally meet once a week to prepare for regional and national debate events. 
One of the most successful debate programs in the country, our debate teams regularly take home multiple team and individual awards across all levels, e.g. Novice, JV, and Varsity. During the 2019-2020 season alone, we did not leave a single competition without taking home top awards, including Harvard University, Georgetown University, and University of Pennsylvania University invitationals, as well as qualifying Nationals students who will compete at the 2020 Club Internationals in New Jersey and 2020 Tournament of Champions in Kentucky.
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