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Private Coaching

Private one-on-one or small-group coaching with experienced staff

Having worked with thousands of students all over the United States, Potomac Debate Academy and its coaches have developed a strong one-on-one coaching platform that is completely individualized to specific student’s and partnership’s needs. Through private coaching, students can work with a dedicated national-circuit coach to identify and target specific areas and weaknesses, bringing their debate careers to the next level. We’ve worked with new students who are just starting out in their careers, to JVers looking to get to the next level, and nationally ranked debaters overcoming specific obstacles. 
Private coaching at Potomac Debate Academy is opened only to currently enrolled students on the team. Private coaching rates are as follows:
  • One student per one coach: $150/hr

  • Two students (partners) per one coach: $200/hr

  • Three per one coach (small group coaching): $250/hr

  • Four per one coach (small group coaching): $300/hr

Interested students should fill out this form to note their availability and areas of concern/reason for private coaching so that we can best match you with one of our elite national circuit debate coaches. 
Thanks for submitting!
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