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Public speaking & logical reasoning skills

Debate allows students the opportunity to improve on a wide variety of skills, including interpersonal communication, critical thinking, research and writing, as well as many others.

Better standardized test scores

Studies also show that students engaged in debate do better on standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT. 

Stronger academic performance

Studies show that students who participate in debate have, on average, higher grades in school. 

Higher college admission chances

Colleges love to see debate on students' applications! Debate shows that the applicant is passionate about something outside of school, has strong public speaking skills, and is well versed in current events.

2022 Harvard H.S. Varsity Champions
2023 Tournament of Champions M.S. Finalists
2023 Harvard M.S. Champions
2023 IPPF World Champions

Since the start of the school year, we have:
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Competed in 46 debate tournaments in 20 states
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Won 294 team awards
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Won 140 individual speaker awards

Coach's Spotlight

Elisa Chen Sukhobok

Debate Coach

Noah Miller

Debate Coach


Harvard Debate Tournament, February 14th 2020

Here is a flashback of our latest tournament at Harvard University. Our kids did spectacular and had a great time! 

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